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pregnantteens's Journal

~* Pregnant Teenagers *~
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for pregnant teenagers, where you can post without worrying about being criticized or looked down upon...

If you give any reason for us to suspect you are fake you will be immediately banned, no questions asked.

If you troll, you will be banned, no questions asked.

If you steal images, you will be banned, no questions asked.

This is not a community for teenagers who want to "get rid" of their babies once they find out they are pregnant. This is a community for the teenage women wo are taking responsibility for their child and are going through with their pregnancies, whether they are raising it themselves or putting it up for adoption.

Do not come to us and ask us if you should get an abortion or any question relating to the murder of a innocent child.

We welcome the strong women who have chosen to do the right thing and carry their pregnancies full-term and give birth to their child.
Any questions regarding pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, etc... are all welcome.

"Am I Pregnant?" questions should be directed to amipregnant. There you will find the best answers you will find on Livejournal, but the best way to find out is to go to a doctor.

I wish I didn't have to spell it out like this, but constant trolls and jokes in the community have made it come to this.

From now on, this community has a moderated membership.
You have to send a request to join.

If you are a troll, find something better to do.

If you are worried about having your pictures stolen put text over them. Usually the showing of a username and livejournal.com will do.
Here is an example:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here is a link with article on how to get text watermarks onto pictures
Also, please resize pictures for dial-up users. Place large images behind lj cuts. How to do LJ cuts.

All community advertisements must be placed behind a cut and must be related to this community