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Hey everyone

Hi everyone my name is Julie. I'm 16, 26 weeks pregnant with my first son Aydin Alexandar. My boyfriend has recently turned 20, and I will soon turn 17. I don't expect a lot of grief from this community about age issues, or at least I am hoping for none. We are in a loving long term relationship and live together. Aydin was NOT planned, but he is a blessing.

I'm not religious, but I am spiritual, and when I speak of God, it is just the only way to say simply the higher being. So please don't assume that I practice christianity, paganism, or any other religion. I strongly support people who are a part of a religion because I believe that it is a good thing, as long as it is not taken over board. (being shoved onto others, doing everything in your life a certain way because of religion, or doing any harm to anyone (making fun of people, killing, or hurting people) because they are not part of the religion. This is just so that you all know where I stand.

I'm happy to be becoming a mom, and I'm here for support, friendship, advice, and to feel like I fit in with a group of people who have such a significant thing in common with me (age and parenthood).

I'm going to breastfeed. I'm doing cloth diapers. I am anti-circumcision. I believe in dicipline. And I am very pro adoption for those who feel they can't handle a child. I'm anti-abortion, because so many people think that it is okay to have MANY abortions, instead of get a free bag of condoms from planned parenthood.

I hope to have a great time in this group. Thanks.
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