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Just some questions

Hey, first of all I've posted before, but for some reason it either didn't show up, or I can't find it. Oh well.

So how many of you are going back to school? Breastfeeding? Working?

Do any of you live away from your parents?

Just some general questions.

Anyway, I'm doing good. Today I had a 3rd ultra sound, my fundus height was a few cm too small so she wanted to make sure that development was correct. Well Aydin is doing really good. He's going to be a good breast feeder, he sucks all the time. It appeared that he was sucking on his umbilical cord, or just making a *suck face* at it. My mom wanted me to get a picture of his penis, so we got the radiologist to do that for us, as well as the most adorable face pictures. Anyway, The pregnancy is good. It's 98 degrees outside!!!! Usually I'd be so excited, but I start sweating at like 65, now. Anyway... How is everyone, this community is looking innactive, start talking girls.

EDD: OCtober 22, 2006
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