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My name is Morgan I am 20 I guess not a teen but I still feel like one soo imma post here.. I just found out I was pregnant yesturday. I didnt really think I could get prego as dumb as it sounds because I have had many accidents and didnt use protection but here I am pregnant. I am soooo excited.. I told my mom yesturday and this might sound bad but I think she is more excited than me!.. she wanted to be a grandma sooo bad. My parents are split up so I havent told my dad yet.. My step dad took it great too he's like well looks like I'll need to get a second job lol but dont worry Im not going to let him support my child. The baby is going to be half black half white and my Dad and his side of the family doesnt really think biracial babies are right.. but I mean I've been dating black guys since I was 15 so he should get over it.. I have an apt thurs at planned parent hood because I dont really know what I am supposed to do.. I have no health insurance so Im going to go there and talk to them.. anyways I've had names picked out since I was like 12 and now I finally get to pick one!.. If its a girl her name will be Kianna Sue.. Sue after my mothers middle name. and if it is a boy Mehki and Im not sure the middle name yet.. Well I have to get going to class.. but just wanted to introduce myself.. Im so excited =-)
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